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About Small And Medium Factories

Now small & medium factories can also achieve a dream to become a smart factory with Hikar Industrial IoT. We are first in the market to design and provide dedicated smart factory solutions for small and medium factories. We can turn your existing machines and factories into smart without any additional investment.

We understand very well how small & medium industries are important in increasing the employment and economic development of the world. It improves the growth of the countries by increasing urban and rural growth.

Technology is changing today. Digitalization is transforming businesses everywhere. In today’s market, adoption of the industrial 4.0 and cutting edge technologies are only the way to survive in this competitive market.

Below are the key points for small and medium factories to survive:

  • Increase Profit
  • Reduce your machine down time to zero
  • Reduce time to marketEnhance Flexibility
  • Increase quality
  • Increase Efficiency

Simply focus on the automation aspect of manufacturing is not enough to meet these requirements. The only way to achieve this is to upgrade your machines and factories with the Industrial IoT.

We are introducing Hikar*SmarTagTM which listens to the heartbeat of your machine, it lets the machine communicate how it feels. The Smart Sensors is simply attached without wiring to any of the machines and it configures in minutes. With the Hikar*SmarTagTM, engineers no longer need to manually gather data and generate report for each machine. A maintenance schedule can be easily planed thereby avoiding costly downtime.

Hikar*SmarTagTM enable machines that let you know when it’s time for service.

With Hikar*SmarTagTM is easy to use wireless sensor which monitors the health of critical components, allowing users to reduce downtime, improve reliability, Operates safely. Hikar connects electrical and mechanical components to offer customers advanced monitoring and analytics of their machines.

We enable equipment to perform their own health check and notify you when it needs attention.

We enables ability to monitor equipment remotely, allow maintenance personal to safely get help check without touching the equipment.

Ability to recognize changes in health parameters allows the smart sensor to quickly identify potential problems so you can do maintenance before failure occurs, which reduces downtime and extends machine life.

Using built in wireless connectivity, data is transferred by the user’s smartphone or dedicated gateway to secure cloud base server. Here the data is analyzed using an advanced algorithm to identify faults or defects. Data is stored and displayed graphically and accessible through a tablet, smartphone or computer for further analysis and maintenance plans.

Key Features & Benefits

  • We take responsibility to make our customers more profitable than ever before with Hikar*SmarTagTM
  • ZERO additional investment.
  • Just one scan for troubleshooting your most complex machine.
  • Just one press of button to log machine service/ issues with manufacturers. No phone calls, no emails, no any machine issues needs to be written to manufacturers.
  • Real time data & prediction of failure of your machine’s parts.
  • Automatic information to your machine manufacturer of faulty parts of machine with part details and order code.
  • Alerts on dashboards and mails before critical failures and actions to prevent them.
  • Easy to operate for even machine operators without any special trainings.
  • Online access of your machines with manufacturer to fix issues.
  • Reduce your expanses of service calls to ZERO.
  • Achieve ZERO downtime for your machines and process.
  • No continues Internet connectivity required
  • No reoccurring costs / Hidden costs
  • No any web application is required to download
  • Compatible with your all the existing machines and factory network available with you.
  • All the machine diagnosis and real time data can be shared and notify directly to the machine manufacturer on single touch.
  • One touch Asset Performance Audit Trail
  • One Touch Connection Audit Trail
  • Robust VPN security
  • Powerful user management
  • Two factor authentication
  • Eliminate downtime and travel expenses
  • Integrated Wi-Fi, Cellular connectivity for the Hikar Modules

Welcome to the factory of tomorrow and Environment Where your equipment monitors itself and lets you know when it needs maintenance before impacting safety, uptime, and productivity

The Hikar*SmarTagTM is our unique portfolio for the digital transformation in discrete industries.

No matter if you are a small or medium-sized company,
Now is the time to start!!

To innovate and operate in a more flexible, cost effective and sustainable way,

Realize your digital transformation with the Hikar Industrial IoT.

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