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One controversial position that we can substantiate is, “The most reliable plant is not always the most profitable plant.” There is ample evidence that many companies over-maintain equipment at a high cost for marginal, if any productivity gains. In many cases, manufacturers choose to take equipment out of service because a predictive maintenance algorithm says failure is imminent, but in doing so miss the opportunity to fulfill a highly profitable order. Often a simple shift in operating can mitigate the likelihood of failure. That’s not to say a preventative or predictive strategy is appropriate for every asset. Run-to-failure might be the best and most cost-effective way to operate certain assets. A mature organization with a sophisticated approach to maintenance knows that a blend of tactics is likely the most productive way to achieve maximum return on their assets.

HIKAR established a Digital Transformation framework to describe how companies can best exploit the opportunities associated with the technology shift happening in the industry today. The framework is a step-by-step approach to translate a company’s strategy into specific process changes, organizational restructuring, and technology purchases. We find that organizations that have used this approach have consistently achieved faster time-to-value from their technology investments.

The convergence of sensors, communication, analytics and Big Data in both Edge and Cloud systems provides asset operators with an opportunity to better manage assets in real time today, with the promise of autonomous operation in the future. The Digital Twin is as relevant to production assets as it is to products in the Industry 4.0 vision. Ultimately, smart connected assets leverage their Digital Twin to drive optimal performance.

Digital technology has changed the manufacturing and asset-intensive industries. The advent of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Cloud computing, Big Data and analytics, and mobile technology is real, accelerating and unstoppable. One of the greatest changes this explosion of technology has fostered is the degree of interconnectivity among devices that are showing up in manufacturing plants, transportation systems, utilities and resource extraction operations. Today it is often less expensive and easier to deploy digital instruments and devices than “dumb” analog devices. Companies need to adapt to this new reality.

The goal is to achieve the same control discipline with the financial elements of manufacturing as with the process itself.

A company that does is far along on the path to consistently achieve value from its Smart Manufacturing investments since it can maintain and operate its smart connected assets in the most profitable fashion.

According to a survey conducted by the Aberdeen Group, “best-in-class” companies are increasingly utilizing the Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data to implement Smart Factory models to address and improve their top operational challenges.

We’ve found that HIKAR Smart Factory can:

  • Reduce unplanned downtime to 3.5% – Amount of unscheduled downtime against total availability
  • Improve Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to 89% – Availability x Performance x Quality = OEE
  • Reduce maintenance costs by 13% Year over Year – Total maintenance costs including time and personnel
  • Increase return on assets (RoA) by 24% – Profit earned from equipment resources through improved uptime
  • Runtime/uptime measurement
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Performance tracking
  • Energy/Utility monitoring/conservation
  • Fault isolation
  • Quality control

The convergence of new technologies with ubiquitous data access, to allow end users to not just monitor a critical few pieces of equipment, but the important many pieces of equipment that really drive uptime in a process plant.


Hikar*SmarTag® – First Step To Your Smart Factory:

We are introducing, the first product of this year 2020, Hikar*SmarTag®, universally developed and applied to all your existing machines and factory setup, just one click and we guarantee ZERO downtime of your factory and machines. Hikar*SmarTag® stands for excellence in technologies and solutions that enable the continuous creation of value underlying the Synaptic Business Automation Concept.

Hikar*SmarTag® is an Industrial IoT based smart machine monitoring product and platform developed by Hikar. This product and platform is a step forward to turn your factory into a smart factory. By just scanning the smart tag from the machine, Hikar*SmarTag® can monitor and display the health and parameter values of all the components of machine including electrical relays, switches, electrical sensors, motors, mechanical corrosion, leakages, wire cut, vibrations, level, pressure, temperature, humidity, vibrations, energy consumptions, energy lost, utility consumptions, utility lost, efficiency of machines and process and many more real time data directly on the web page through Hikar IIoT platform. This will help to conduct predictive maintenance on the machines as well as can troubleshoot in zero time which will eliminate the machine downtime. It Improves Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) to 96% and Increases return on assets (RoA) by 75% – Profit earned from equipment resources through improved uptime.

Check Hikar*SmarTag® for more details

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