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About IIoT Based Manpower Efficiency Module

Manpower planning enables organizations to have an accurate estimate of the number of employees to accomplish set goals, reduce waste in employment, lessen uncertainties about current personnel level/needs and eliminates the mistakes involved in staffing and enhances the effective utilization of its human resources.https://federacionfallasdespecial.com/la-notte-dell-amore-inizia-con-la-cena/

Modern technology like the Internet of Things (IoT) has provided organizations with an opportunity to enhance the effectiveness of their workforce by increasing the efficiency of their processes and employee productivity. IoT can provide hassle-free integrated processes that require little or no human intervention and create a seamless flow of information that leads to accurate delivery of products and services. Along with other technological innovations such as artificial intelligence and big data analytics, IoT is set to deliver a digital transformation in modern organizations.

Parameter affecting on Machine efficiency and Manpower efficiency

Analyses carried out during the different site visits on production line problems. Countermeasures are taken to further strengthen the performance of the production line. Analysis is simplified when data is translated into various categories base on critical factors that affects the production lines.

Red mark areas in the below fig 1& fig. 2 is found as the most affecting area on the machine and manpower efficiency.

The factors affecting production lines can be categorized into three as shown in fig. 1.

Production line inefficiency


Machine Efficiency:

The maintenance activity on machines needs extra attention by the management along with the responsible personnel to ensure optimum usage of machinery which will eliminate unwanted wastages due to machine stoppages

Manpower Utilization

Humans in the production floor can be divided into two categories which are workers or operators on the production line and the workers in the supporting department.

Supporting Department

Humans capitalize most of the process on industries from the management to the layman (operators). An industrial environment is one in which there are a large number of people from various departments working together to meet set goals. When it comes to unmet goals, fingers should also be pointed to the supporting department as they also contribute to this matter. The supporting departments play their role in maintaining the consistent pace of work on the industrial shop floor. There are three basic departments in industries which are the Total Quality Management (TQM), Production Planning and Control (PPC) and Maintenance.

The TQM involves all the quality matters of the parts produced. The PPC involves in planning the production process and supplies base on orders. The maintenance department is responsible for all the technical matters on the industrial shop floor. Most of the industries face problem due to unforeseen damages that the company will face if a task is not done on a scheduled basis.

Operators or Workers

Human performance varies from time to time depending on their capability and duration of work. When the performance of a worker drops, the production output also drops. Improper monitoring of workers will result in low standards of production output and will increase the maintenance of machineries. The major factor contributing to this is the attitude of the workers themselves. Most of the workers tend to perform in an average manner and for most of the time they will be less productivity and this will result towards wastage of the planned production time.

Production breakdown

Planned shift length can be divided into two, which is the Planned Downtime and Planned Operation Time.

Generally, the planned operation time can be divided into two which is actual operation Time and unplanned downtime.

It’s observed that unplanned downtime is also the one of the most affecting factors for machine and manpower efficiency.

Both these factors are the major concern for the management when it comes to measuring machine efficiency and manpower utilization. Industries try to maximize the actual operation time and minimize the unplanned downtime to improve their capacity in all means.

Solution for affecting parameter and design specifications of module.

Measuring machine efficiency

Following parameters will be displayed on the smart devices and will be calculated recorded automatically to measure the machine efficiency.

  1. Machine Availability
  2. Machine Performance
  3. Quality of production
  4. Overall Equipment Effectiveness
  5. Efficiency Improvement

By calculating and recording the above parameters, company will be able to recognize equipment’s states as per the below figure. This will give the clear vision of machine efficiency and will improve the decision making capabilities, planning & prediction of production line management.

Measuring man power utilization

Following parameters will be displayed on the smart devices and will be calculated recorded automatically to measure the Manpower efficiency.

Operators or workers utilization

Performance of supporting department

Sample data

Following data will be collected, analyzed and displayed on smart devices which will help in handle the production line more efficiently and effortlessly.

Data on Machinery

Data On Man Power

Data On The Supporting Departments

All the analyzed data based on the above formulas and calculation will be displayed on the web and Android/ IOS application to the appropriate user.

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